Does your WordPress Website need speed optimisation?

Website Page speed is a big factor, not only to Google but to potential customers and visitors browsing your website. If your page loads slow, people won’t stick around.

At JP Websites Perth, our Websites are designed to be optimised for speed not only for desktop but also for your responsive web design displayed on mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones, Tablets, Samsungs etc.

We use methods like Caching, Compression, Image Optimisation, Defering/Async, Minify and Critical CSS to create your responsive web design with Google PageSpeed Insights approved results.

Have a website running on WordPress that you want optimised? Contact us to begin the process of getting your websites performance optimised!

Want to check if your website is optimised? Click¬†this link to Google’s PageSpeed Insights to find out if your website is optimised.