Most websites fall in to the category this topic covers; we’re talking about websites for small to medium sized businesses, and startups, with minimal to moderate levels of customisation.

Sometimes delivering this style of website really is pretty straightforward. Say, for businesses looking for a ‘brochure’ style website; just enough to assure potential customers they exist and offer a little insight in to their services. To deliver a website like this usually only requires 3 – 4 staff (a designer, a developer, an SEO and / or a copywriter).

The first thing to know is, you get what you spend for. For a simple website, it’s about $1000+. Around that price range is more to offer various additional services and expand your website.

But this form of web design won’t actually do much for you. People probably won’t find the site, since it hasn’t been advertised online and optimized for search engines. Those who do find it, however, probably won’t be too impressed with it, since it hasn’t yet been designed from top to bottom to resonate with your target audience.

Everyone wants to spend their money wisely when getting a new website. Here are 3 general tips to help you do this:

Tip 1 – Understand the website’s objectives

There are 5 common digital strategies:

  • eCommerce – selling products or services
  • Lead generation – collecting potential leads
  • Content publisher – engagement and frequent visitation
  • Online information – help customers find information
  • Branding – awareness, engagement and loyalty

Which strategy best fits your business website’s requirements? Websites falling in to the category here of small to medium size, will generally only have 1 of the above digital strategies to accommodate. Think about which of the above is really going to help this website achieve your business objectives. Once decided, it won’t only make for a more effective website, but it’s going to save you loads on the design and build.

Tip 2 – Prioritise your website’s functionality requirements

This will make a big difference to the size of the quote you receive. Say if you ask for 10 different features and you say that each feature must be included, you might end up with an eye watering quote. Whereas, if you provide a list of the same 10 features – but in order of priority, or grouped in to ‘Must haves’ and ‘Nice to haves’, you’re more likely to get a better price for your website.

Tip 3 – Consider what you really value before investing in your website

Which is most important to your business: getting something up fast and cheaply by a cheap web design search found on google, or getting ongoing support from us and getting the all in one setup?

So how much should I expect to pay for a small to mid-sized website in Perth in 2023?

First the assumptions:

    • All new websites are mobile and tablet responsive
    • All new websites are cross browser compatible and thoroughly tested
    • The below estimates are based on our own hourly rate
    • The websites being considered here are not eCommerce websites

Planning and strategy

Saving tip: Do as much of this yourself as you can – not only will it give you a better understanding of the landscape in which your new website will be operating, it will also mean less paid work has to be done by us and more time spend on getting your website up and running.

User experience – wireframes, user journeys, personas, sitemap

Tip: Do some research in to the value of things like quality UX, user journeys and personas. Some of these may sound like extra expenses when you’d rather just get a design, but quality UX is the equivalent of building a house with quality material – you’ll get far better results from your website, and you’ll spend less overall on reworks and repairs.

Digital design

Tip: JP Websites will design our clients websites to look nice and achieve objectives.

Web development – Flat file CMS and WordPress CMS

Saving tip: Speak with us about opportunities to save money on customisation through the use of a static html website instead of a wordpress website. It may mean a slight compromise in functionality, but could save you a lot.


Tip: When done comprehensively SEO consists of dozens of tasks and involves the input and skills of a minimum 3 people (the SEO, a designer, developer and usually a copywriter). It’s also an ongoing commitment and not something which can be done once and forgotten about. If you require traffic through google searches you may want to look into a maintenance plan.

Website copywriting

Tip: Copywrighting will need to be done to achieve SEO principles and write accordingly. This involves getting all your pages and writing the text accordingly to pick up in google searches on your targeted keyword.

Overall Cost of a Website in Perth 2023

Your likely overall spend for getting a simple website in Perth in 2023 varies a lot depending on the different levels of functionality and services which are required to build it. Here are the approximate price points:

$1000 + – a high quality small 4-5 page website which achieves a basic set of objectives (about the business, contact page etc.) that wont be updated and has content already written up for it.

$2.5k + – a high quality small business website integrated with a CMS (WordPress) which effectively achieves a small set of objectives and is search engine friendly.

$5k ~ $10k – a high quality mid-sized website with CMS (WordPress) which is optimised, has been custom designed and has some custom functionality including an online shop.

You can find a complete breakdown of our web design prices as well as what is included by us here at JP Websites.