The Cost

The cost for a freelancer vs agency is the main stand out for web design in perth. The reasons for this is that the larger companies are going to have to pay overheads including a staff team. As a result this extra cost is going to be added onto you, the customer. Which goes to show, when you choose a freelancer it is going to be more affordable as you are just paying for his or hers skills, not all the extra rates and charges that a large agency is going to add on.


If a freelancer web team is working on your project, the time it takes to complete your project is usually shorter. This is because often freelance web designers only have one project going on at one time and will be able to concentrate on yours. Unlike a web designer working in a design agency where he or she will be multi-tasking between different projects.


With freelancers, you have the ability to look through their portfolio and most often you will get an idea of whether he or she is the right person to be working on your project.

Your work is important to a freelancer

Generally a freelancer is less busy than an agency and will be working only on one project at a time. Unlike firms where they will have many projects on the go at once. This often leads to the agency prioritising their work on the amount of money they will be receiving from the clients. For example if your project is going to cost $5000 and there is another client who’s project is going to cost $15,000. I bet you can guess which one they are going to be concentrating on the most.