Responsive design means that your website will be able to adapt to any screen size, for example: iPad, iPhone and Samsung etc.

Market research shows that smartphone and tablet sales are increasing drastically and the importance of mobile-friendly websites too. More and more users are using mobile devices to browse businesses online. If your website isn’t optimised for that, you loose customers.

With Googles latest ranking algorithm, responsive websites are ranked superior than non responsive websites. If your website isn’t responsive, it’s time to ditch and and have us design you a new one.

Many Devices, One Website

An appealing element of responsive web design that it provides excellent user-experience across a large range of devices and screen sizes. This is a very important characteristic as it would be near on impossible to cater for all the devices and screen sizes that could potentially view your website.

If your site is capable of performing these tasks regardless of these variables is going to provide a better user-experience than a separate mobile sites.


Responsive web design is the practice that is recommended by Google, it’s more user-friendly and creates a greater user-experience across many devices.
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