What’s Best for your Business Website?

Not sure what system you want your Responsive Web Design built upon? JP Websites Perth can give you the rundown.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows easier customisation and manageable from both the client and us through a user friendly interface.

You are able to login to your website and make changes through the admin area which is pretty straight forward.

WordPress CMS is the most popular, powering over over a quarter of websites in the world.

Advantages of WordPress Web Design Perth

Easy to Update Pages – Pages are easy to keep updated by you or JP Websites Perth. We can give you a run through on how to do so but if you rather not or are not that tech savy, having us update the pages will cost at least 50% less money than updating line by line code if you are using a static html websites.

Extremely Customisable and Powerful – The massive library of plugins with WordPress make it a must for bigger web design projects. With this you are able to customise your website with Contact Forms, Photo Gallery, Reservation/Booking Systems, Online Store and more.

Search Engine Friendly – WordPress is a very SEO friendly CMS enabling SEO friendly practices to make sure you receive search engine traffic and get your business noticed.

Full Ownership – You have full control of the websites and all its contents. You can make the changes you want and there is no limit.

Disadvantages of WordPress Web Design Perth

Maintenance – Although optional, it is highly recommended you keep on top of updates, security and backup for your website. If not you can risk being compromised and hacked. At JP Websites Perth, we offer Maintenance plans to make sure your WordPress Website is kept risk free.

What is a Static HTML Website?

HTML is a language used to display web pages. This is usually the cheaper option but if you decide to make lots of changes or add multiple pages, then this option can end up costing you. JP Websites Perth will also manage every change needed.

Optionally, a CMS can be integrated into the website but this will incur an extra cost but enable you to make changes to pages.

Advantages of a Static HTML Website Web Design Perth

Very Little Maintenance Required – Besides if you want to change some content or add an extra page, there is no need to install updates, security or regular backups since the website is static and wont have any security threats such as hackers.

Low Requirements – Cheaper to setup as they don’t use databases and mysql and don’t require the setup of a Content Management System. They also do not use as much of the servers resources.

Speed – Although JP Websites Perth are able to optimise your WordPress CMS Website, Static HTML Websites are generally faster as there is no querys executed through a database and no loading of the CMS or additional plugins.

Disadvantages of a Static HTML Website Web Design Perth

Updates Cost More – Since HTML uses line by line code without any CMS, it is generally more time consuming to update and add pages and will result in higher costs if you want to make changes on your website compared to WordPress which is a lot less time consuming.

No Additional Features – If your business grows and you decide you would like to add more pages and features such as online stores, a gallery, bookings etc. then this will require you to move an re-create your website with WordPress to add these additional features which means you will be paying for 2 websites instead of just the 1 to begin with.

What’s the Best Option, WordPress or HTML?

Now that you understand the basic differences, you can determine what you would like for your website. We recommend WordPress but the option is up to you.

If you definitely wont be making changes or updates or adding anything new, then the best choice for you will be HTML as it will be faster and serve your small and basic website needs and purpose.

If you want the freedom to keep your options open for down the track, then WordPress is obviously the better option.

WordPress give you the option and flexibility to grow your businesses website and is our go to option at JP Websites Perth for building your online solution and creating you a custom responsive web design!