Our Website Services

We offer a complete & affordable website solution for your business. Our services include; web design, SEO, eCommerce Solutions, WordPress Web Development, Affordable Small Business Websites and more, JP Websites have you covered!

Small Business Website Package

We provide your business with the ultimate small business website that promotes your business 24hrs a day online.

Website Maintenance & Security

We provide various maintenance services to ensure your website is secure and running smoothly. We also maintain and perform updates on your website for an hourly rate of $60.

Affordable Website Package

We offer affordable website package for small businesses who want to get their website online with a small website.

eCommerce Websites

Want to put your store online? We cover everything you need to get yourself an online store. Your website will be your best employee.

Website SEO

Grow your business online with SEO solutions to get your business going.


Make your business stand out with a logo that will reflect your businesses personality.